Mark Koenen's Medium Color Database © 1995

I made this list because I wanted to see similar colors next to each other, rather than in alphabetic order, with their hex codes for easy use.
When picking colors for your web pages, choose text and background colors of sufficient contrast to allow users with black and white monitors to view them. Check contrast levels by setting your monitor to black-and-white and viewing your own pages.
Colors are displayed in their own color, with hexadecimal code. Hex code describes a color in terms of its red, green, and blue (RGB) levels, in that order, using three 2-digit values (range, 00-99 & AA-FF; the digits of base 16) strung together as a 6-digit string. The first digit of each pair controls intensity; the second controls hue.
The color you see on your monitor may not tally well with the descriptor given! I work on both a Power Macintosh and a Pentium/Win95, and not only do the colors sometimes fail to resemble their descriptions, they also differ markedly from machine to machine.
There is a copy of this page of colors on white background.

000000 is Black, FFFFFF is White
FFFFFF is White, 000000 is Black

d9d9f3 Quartz
d8bfd8 Thistle
D8D8BF Wheat
856363 Dusty Rose
bc8f8f Pink
db7093 Medium Violet Red
8e236b Maroon
ff6ec7 Neon Pink
cc3299 Violet Red
ff1cae Spicy Pink
ff00ff Magenta
9932cd Dark Orchid
4f2f4f Violet
4e2f2f Indian Red
FF0000 Red
8c1717 Scarlet
8e2323 Firebrick
b87333 Coral

B87333 Copper
CD7F32 Gold
A62A2A Brown
5C3317 Baker's Chocolate
6B4226 Semi-Sweet Chocolate
5C4033 Dark Brown
8C7853 Bronze
97694F Dark Tan
855E42 Dark Wood
8E6B23 Sienna
A67D3D Bronze II
b5a642 Brass
9F9F5F Khaki
A68064 Medium Wood
DB9370 Tan
d19275 Feldspar
EBC79E New Tan
E9C2A6 Light Wood
EAEAAE Medium Goldenrod
DBDB70 Goldenrod
CFB53B Old Gold
D9D919 Bright Gold
ffff00 Yellow
D98719 Cool Copper

00ff00 Green
2F4F2F Dark Green
4A766E Dark Green Copper
4F4F2F Dark Olive Green
238E23 Forest Green
527F76 Green Copper
93DB70 Green Yellow
215E21 Hunter Green
32CD32 Lime Green
6B8E23 Medium Forest Green
426F42 Medium Sea Green
7FFF00 Medium Sprint Green
8FBC8F Pale Green
238E68 Sea Green
00FF7F Spring Green
99CC32 Yellow Green

00FFFF Cyan
0000ff Blue
70db93 Aquamarine
32cd99 Medium Aquamarine
9f5f9f Blue Violet
5f9f9f Cadet Blue
42426f Cornflower Blue
6b238e Dark Slate Blue
7093db Dark Turquoise
c0d9d9 Light Blue
8f8fbd Light Steel Blue
3232cd Medium Blue
7f00ff Medium Slate Blue
70dbdb Medium Turquoise
2f2f4f Midnight Blue
23238e Navy Blue
4d4dff Neon Blue
00009c New Midnight Blue
5959ab Rich Blue
3299cc Sky Blue
007fff Slate Blue
236b8e Steel Blue
38b0de Summer Sky
adeaea Turquoise